Lappish Family Arctica Lapland

We are a Sámi family company and our speciality is untouchable nature and local knowledge of Lapland! We are local family and company is located in our home area middle to wilderness.

We have local knowledge of the environment and passion to share Lapland experiences by special way! What makes our company unique is that we concentrate on little groups and we offer also private activities for your own group.

Arctica Lapland family house

Arctica Lapland transportation

“Beautiful place with awesome landscapes”


Arctica Lapland is located in the middle of peaceful forest area with amazing wilderness landscapes. Our huskies are living in the big farm and they have warm house so even in freezing winter they are enjoying warm conditions.

Distances: Ivalo 8,7km, Saariselkä 22,0km, Inari 47,5km, Nellim 50,1km, Rovaniemi 278,0km

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