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Luxury AuroraHut glass igloo near to northern lights and pure nature closer than ever before! -30% discount for now!

Have you ever dreamed to sleep a night in the middle of pure nature with a high possibility to see magical northern lights and experience Lapland activities privately during your stay? If you do, AuroraHut Arctica Lapland is the right choice for you! 

This unique glass igloo is located on the lake Alajärvi 350 meters far away from our husky farm’s small reception and there is only one AuroraHut, so you can enjoy your holiday peacefully! Our passion is offer the best quality experiences and packages to our customers, thats why we make sure your experience is one to remember

The most authentic private activities -30% discount for now!

The best quality and happy guests is our passion, thats why we offer only private activities. Our company focus on differend husky, aurora and fishing safaris by local knowledge. We are also the most popular huskyfarm in our area, because we are small and we have time and resources to take care of our huskies very well. Our huskies are very strong and healty runners because we give the best quality food, they live in warm contiditions and got professional muscle care every week! 

Arctic ice fishing is our hobby and lifestyle to feed our family! Its very nice to tell you, that its not only fishing.. It is peacefully experience where you can let your stress away! In the lake Alajärvi, there are numerous types of fishes.. We have even caught trout, but the most commond fish what we caught is perch!

Northern lights.. This magical nature phenomenon is one of the most memorable thing you can see and experience. Our local knowledge of Lapland weather changes and locations give to you the best chance to see northern lights. If weather is too cloudy or chance to see northern lights is bad, we will ask for booking cancellation. Only best for our guests!

Aurora Hunting

Authentic Husky safaris! (RARE)

The most popular & authentic husky safaris!

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Aurora Hunting

Aurora Hunting Tour

Northern lights experience by a car! Photographing & hot drinks

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€149.00 - 20% Discount

Aurora ice fishing (RARE)

Nice ice fishing and aurora hunting combo!

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“On nightsky, a white arctic fox walking up the fells, trailing its tail through the snow and shooting flickers into the sky. The northern lights burst into lights over the Lapland sky”

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